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My Approach

By training I'm a Social Worker, but deeper than that I am a sensitive, self reflective introvert with my own experiences that have shaped and moulded how I see the world. My work is grounded from the Social Work perspective of seeing each person in their unique environment, and overlayed with my own experience as a gender diverse, neurodivergent person in a world where that is a minority. 

I work from a Neurodiversity affirming perspective, meaning that I value differences in the way our brains work, and see diversity in how we perceive and interact in the world as a great asset, rather than something to be pathologised. When working with a neurodivergent person my goal is to help them identify and achieve their goals, not to force them to confirm to neurotypical ways of functioning.  

I am passionate about moving away from a deficit model of providing support and education, toward an approach that acknowledges and builds on strengths. I draw on the strong evidence base within the field of Positive Psychology to support individuals, groups and communities to flourish. 


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